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Create shareable app wish lists and keep track of interesting apps

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App Wish Lists

Create lists of apps from the iOS and Mac App Store.

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Save Money

Ceceree watches your apps and notifies you about pricing changes.

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Share Lists

Ceceree can create shareable links for your lists, like this.

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iTunes Search

Don't have the link of an app? Ceceree can search the iTunes Store for you.

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Browser Extensions

Add apps to Ceceree from Safari or Google Chrome with one click.

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Personalize Lists

Give each of your lists a name and an individual color.

"Ceceree is the kind of application whose usefulness is undeniable…"

"…makes the Mac App Store work a little better."

"I finally found a tool that meets all my needs… compact and functional…"

Ceceree List Window

Create lists of iTunes apps

There are lots of great apps and we discover new apps every day. It's hard to keep track of them and they're easy to forget.

Ceceree is the place for you to collect, organize and keep track of those apps.

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Always available

Ceceree shows all information about apps without the need of opening the App Store or having a network connection.

Stay up to date

Ceceree can update your apps automatically and notify you about changes.

Pricing, version and rating changes will be stored for each app, allowing you to discover price drops or major app updates.


Discovered a great article about an app? Keep it in mind by adding it as a note to the app.

Ceceree List Share Sheet

Share your lists with others

Ceceree lets you create shareable links for lists. It's the perfect way for you to share a collection of apps with others.

Check out the example lists here and here.

Make gifting easier

Attach your iTunes e-mail to a shared list and allow marking apps as purchased. Now it's easier for others to send iTunes gifts to you.

Ceceree New List Sheet

As many lists as you like

With Ceceree you don't have just one list. It lets you create multiple lists and assign an individual color to each list.

Keep order

If you realize an app is on the wrong list, just move it to another list. You can also reorder apps within lists themselves.