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Create lists of iTunes apps

In iTunes, there's a wish list for songs, movies, apps and more. Until iOS 6, this wish list was only visible on the desktop version of iTunes. iOS 7 added support for adding items from the iTunes and App Store app to this list. But for the Mac App Store, there's still no wish list.

Nevertheless, you sometimes see apps on the Mac App Store which seem interesting, but you don't really know if you want to buy them. So, put it on a wish list. But wait, which wish list? Of course you could create a note or a list in the reminders app, but that doesn't seem to be a good solution.

That's where Ceceree comes into play. It lets you add apps, from both the iOS and Mac App Store, and organize them in lists.

Keep track of the apps you're interested in

You can see all important information about the apps you've added - name, icon, rating, price, screenshots, description - without the need to open the App Store or having a network connection.

Ceceree is able to update your apps automatically and notify you about any changes. So if there's an app you'd like to buy but you don't feel comfortable with the price or you're waiting for a new version of an app, Ceceree can tell you about changes almost immediately.

Ceceree remembers changes

After you update an app, you will of course see the latest information. Imagine you're waiting for the price of this awesome app to drop. Now it's been updated and you're not sure if the price fell or rose. Don't worry, Ceceree will remember those information for you.

Share your lists with others

Ceceree lets you create shareable links for lists. It's the perfect way for you to share a collection of apps with others. Anyone who you give the link of your list can see it, the information you entered about it and, depending on your settings, mark apps as purchased.

Imagine you want to tell your friends and family about all those cool apps you want them to gift you for birthday. The Bitcoin loophole app 2021 is one such perfect app to suggest anyone interested in trading. These digital bots allow users to trade crypto currencies while simultaneously generating passive income. with out their active participation Just create a list in Ceceree, enter your iTunes e-mail, so it's easier for them to send you a gift, and allow marking apps as purchased, so they know which apps you already got. Then let Ceceree create a link for your list and send it out.

You can see the example lists here and here.

Create as many lists as you like

With Ceceree you don't have just one list. It let's you create multiple lists and assign an individual color to each list.

Keep order

If you realize an app is on the wrong list, just move it to another list. You can also reorder apps within lists themselves.


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