Does Ceceree sync my lists?
No. At the moment, Ceceree does not support sync, though it will follow in a future version.
Will I receive notifications when Ceceree is not running?
No. Ceceree needs to be running in the background to be able to notify you. Support for push notifications will be added in a future version.
How can I add another list?
You can add a list by either selecting List > New (⇧⌘N) from the main menu or long-pressing the add button in the main window.
How to edit my list after creating it?
You can edit your list (change its name and color) by either clicking on the list's name or selecting List > Edit (⌘E) from the main menu.
How to share (create a link for) my list?
When hovering the colored area in the main window with your mouse, a share button will appear in the upper right corner. Just press the share button and the share sheet will appear.
How can I switch between my lists?
The easiert way is to hover the colored area in the main window with your mouse and then swipe left/right (2 fingers on a trackpad or 1 finger on a Magic Mouse).
Another option is to use the page indicators at the bottom of the colored area.
You can also switch between lists by selecting List > "Select Next" (⇧⌘→) or "Select Previous" (⇧⌘←) from the main menu.
How can I rearrange the apps in my list?
Just drag the app and drop it at your desired position.

Please note that you can't change the order of your apps if you activated sorting/grouping for your lists.
How to move an app to another list?
If you're in the main window, just right-click the app and select "Move to List" from the shown menu. If you're viewing the app in detail, select App > "Move to List" from the main menu.
Can I import my wish list from AppShopper?
Yes! Ceceree supports AppShopper import as of version 1.2.1. Just select List > "Import from AppShopper" in the main menu.
Where can I see the changes after my apps have been updated?
Immediatly after your apps have been updated, either click the notification or select Ceceree > "Latest Changes" from the main menu. At a later point in time, open the app in detail you want to see the changes of and press the list button in the upper right corner. If the button is not visible, there are no changes.
Can I update a single app?
Yes. If you're in the main window, just right-click the app and select Reload from the shown menu. If you're viewing the app in detail, select App > Reload (⌘R) from the main menu.
How can I update (install a new version of) Ceceree?
Please select Ceceree > "Check for Updates..." from the main menu. If a new version is available you will be guided through the update process. You can also go to the Updates tab in Ceceree's preferences and enable automatic update checks, which is highly recommended.
I'm unable to add or search apps, what can I do?
This issue seems to affect some users in China and is related to Chinese networks. To solve this, ensure you're using Ceceree 1.1.1 or later (see Ceceree > About Ceceree). Then quit Ceceree, open your terminal (see Applications > Utilities) and paste the following:

defaults write com.appiculous.Ceceree forceCecereeAPI true

Hit enter and launch Ceceree again. Everything should now work for you as expected.
Which OS X version does Ceceree require?
Ceceree requires OS X 10.10 Yosemite or newer.
Is Ceceree available on the Mac App Store?
No. Apple doesn't allow Ceceree on the Mac App Store.
Is there an iOS version of Ceceree?
No. As Apple rejected the Mac version of Ceceree, they'd also reject an iOS version. Otherwise yes.